Organisations don’t need to look far to find an eager consultant that will help them design a new business model, develop a new 5-year strategy or revise their organisational structure. However, when it comes to addressing the psychological and behavioural capacity that it takes to successfully execute those changes, most of those consultants will shy away. 
That is where Rethink Behaviours differs. 
Not only do we help organisations and individuals scope out their vision and a plan on how to get there, what is unique about us is that we recognise the emotional and psychological journey involved in executing change, we support our clients as they navigate their way, and we empower them with the tools and behaviours they need to fulfil their potential. 


For years we were part of the familiar cycle in organisational change, initiating a vision, building momentum and expectation, developing strategies and business plans, investing time and resources. But when it came to execution and measuring the success of the change, the distance between the vision and the reality was far reaching. 
Rethink Behaviours exists because we recognise that strategies, plans, great business ideas matter little if you do not have the right people with the right behaviours behind them. If leaders are not performing at their peak – how can an organisation perform at its peak? 
Performance and coaching are centre to what we do. 
We recognise that through a period of change for an organisation, the individuals involved need to be coached and facilitated to build their capacity to make change happen. By empowering and equipping individuals for change, organisations will be able to maximise their performance and increase their efficiencies. 


In this changing and uncertain world, organisations and the people who work in them are facing complex challenges daily. Rethink Behaviours provides services that support organisations, teams, and individuals to work through these complex challenges and address the psychological and behavioural capacity that it takes to successfully maximise performance. Although every client engagement is different, our approach is similar – 
Promoting behaviours that are dynamic and allow people to thrive in the organisation 
Supporting individuals to unlock their potential 
Bringing awareness to team dynamics and their impact on organisation performance 
Some of the challenges that we have worked through with our clients over the last number of years include – 
As an organisation how do we maximise performance? 
Does our organization have a strategy, can we articulate it? 
Is our culture an enabler to optimal performance? 
How are hybrid or remote working practices impacting performance? 
Is our approach to ESG improving our overall organisations performance? 
How are different generational expectations impacting performance? 
Are our employees fulfilling their leadership potential? 
How are we addressing feelings of burnout and isolation by our employees? 


"Lesley Ann was contracted by us to develop the Local Development Strategy (LDS) for the delivery of the 2023- 2027 LEADER programme in County Longford. The role required strong planning, project management and interpersonal skills. Lesley Ann was quickly able to understand the key challenges within the project and pulled together the strategy, working through a mixed approach to stakeholder engagement and public consultation in addition to ensuring that the strategy was aligned with relevant plans and policies. Lesley Ann is very adaptable, and her technical and professional expertise along with her interpersonal skills and communication style are all key assets. She is a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend her"  
CEO, Longford Community Resource Centre 
“Lesley Ann has a special talent of reading people and teasing things out that I wouldn't have otherwise thought about. She helped me to see things from a different angle and gave me a new perspective”  
Senior Healthcare Professional 
“Having been coached by Lesley Ann over the past few months, I can confidently say that session after session I was able to see a change in my thought process, and get better understanding of what it was that I wanted, and the different ways that I could achieve this.” 
Brand Specialist, Google 
“Lesley Ann is rigorous and team-focused in coaching and strategy activation. Lesley Ann helped BDO to execute a large number of strategic projects. She has a personable and insightful demeanour that brings unforeseen strengths out of individuals and teams.”  
Partner, BDO Ireland 
“It is thanks to my sessions with Lesley Ann that I managed to discover my true needs, and objectively start being the master of my own growth path. Lesley Ann is an outstanding objective and empathetic listener and questioner. I came out of every single session with a new understanding of my talents and strengths, a deep awareness of my own pace and needs, as well as of my own mental interferences that were subconsciously blocking me from highest performance". Product Lead, Google Ireland 
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